The 1st Fine Art NFT Platform

‘NFT Art’ is the buzz word for a new era not only in technology but also in the arts generally.

Although artists, galleries and collectors are becoming more aware of the word ‘NFT’, they are unfamiliar in how to approach/work/produce this new art principally because of the high barriers in accepting the technology used to purchase/sell NFTs

NOONSSUP founded by two artists Ga Ram Kim and Bongsu Park, is a new platform designed with the art world in mind and aimed at supporting artists and creating a network for all art lovers. With our service you can finally get to understand, create and collect carefully curated fine art NFTs.

Selected NFT Art in NOONSSUP

Noonsup provides only curated artwork by professional artists selected by our experienced curatorial team. Our relationship with our artists is an ongoing one, tracking their development and evolution across all forms of output through digital, virtual and physical exhibition.

NOONSSUP in the Metaverse

We are also ready to present our outstanding NFT artworks in virtual spaces. We are planning exhibitions and special events with NOONSSUP artists in the very near future.